The Dangers of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction affects people of all ages. The substance is mainly abused by teenagers, since it is readily available at supermarkets and bars, among other places. Alcohol is very addictive when not taken in recommended amounts. This eventually leads to physical and psychological dependency. The body quickly develops tolerance to alcohol and abrupt stoppage results in severe withdrawal symptoms. The body becomes accustomed to the effects of alcohol abuse.

The addict continues taking large quantities of alcohol despite the harm caused. The level of addiction usually depends on length of time and quantity of alcohol being consumed. Alcoholism is a major problem that has elevated over the years. People with stress or other psychological problems turn to alcohol to offset these symptoms. The signs and severe side-effects manifest themselves when the level of addiction is strong. The addict’s body cannot function properly without alcohol.

The Dangers of Alcohol Addiction

The addict suffers from liver diseases, for instance, cirrhosis. Excess consumption of alcohol leads to menstrual irregularities and erectile dysfunction. The addicts are unhealthy due to loss of appetite. Possibilities of acquiring stomach, liver, and breast cancer are high. The addict experiences massive gallstones. They also experience jaundice and stomach ulcers.

The addicts produce bad breath, a condition known as halitosis. Vitamin and mineral levels in the body are affected, leading to their deficiency. Due to slurred speech, the addict can pick a fight with anyone. The addicts may also suffer from pancreatitis. They suffer from numbness and the tingling of toes, skin, or feet.

The addict may decide to kill him or herself. The addicts usually develop suicidal thoughts when the side effects of alcohol are unbearable. Anxiety sets in due to preoccupation with the substance. This may result in panic attacks. The addict experiences hallucinations. This eventually leads to loss of memory, low learning ability, inability to think, impaired judgment, and lack of concentration. The addict’s sensitivity is slow.

The addicts can easily fall or injure themselves due to poor balance. The addicts loss their jobs since they attend their work seldom. They stay indoors, fighting alcohol addiction symptoms. The addicts cannot manage their time properly, since they spend most time taking and thinking about alcohol. The addict’s performance at school greatly declines. They spend a lot of money purchasing alcohol, leading to financial strains. They are not in a good position to take care of their families. This may create unnecessary vendettas in the family or result in a divorce.

Conflicts in the family may affect children even after they have grown to adults. The addicts are usually arrested for misbehaving, causing public disorder, or driving under the influence of alcohol. Driving while drunk may cause accidents, leading to death. The addict can also be killed by the mob when he or she engages in criminal activity. The addicts are prone to sexually transmitted diseases since they engage in risky situations, for instance, having unprotected sex.

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