How Substance Abuse Counselors Can Help

Everybody who has suffered from a form of addiction knows that there’s more to the problem than just the physical desire to use. Addiction encompasses both the physical health of the addict and his or her emotional or psychological well-being and this means that there must be more to recovery than simply stopping drug or alcohol use and moving on. Substance abuse counselors can help by providing their clients or patients access to the psychiatric care that is necessary to get to the root of the substance abuse problem to provide methods of treatment that will work.

Each substance abuse situation is different and therefore, no two substance abuse treatment plans will ever be the same. Some substance abuse counselors will provide behavioral treatment as the primary means of care while others may place a steady focus on helping patients through talk therapy. Depending on the unique situation of the addict and his or her needs, the substance abuse counselor will devise a plan of treatment and a plan for counseling that will help.

Some recovering addicts simply needs someone to talk to about their addiction and a substance abuse counselor can provide a safe place for discussion, reflection and those “light-bulb” moments that lead to recovery. Other recovering addicts need to be guided into understanding why it is that they use drugs and why it is that they can’t seem to say no—despite their desire to do so.

A substance abuse counselor can help with this situation by providing the patient with guidance so that he or she can begin to understand the triggers that cause their substance abuse and allow them to learn how to better prepare for instances in which their desires may take hold of their actions.

All substance abuse counselors provide patients with treatment, support and help that will show them how to modify problematic behaviors in a manner in which makes them more likely to succeed in recovery. The means by which this happens does change from one individual to the next and from one counselor to the next but overall, the purpose is the same. Substance abuse counselors can help you to understand your addiction and its dangers, understand your desires or physical dependence, and understand what to do to prevent relapse.


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