Alcohol Addiction Side Effects

Statistically, alcohol is mostly abused by adolescents, since it is readily available at shops, supermarkets, and bars. Increases in nightclubs, bars, and parties have greatly elevated alcohol addiction. Frequent use of alcohol results in psychological and physical dependence. When alcohol is taken, desirable feelings are generated in the brain. The brain recalls the feelings and repeats them.

The body quickly develops tolerance to alcohol and quitting leads to unbearable withdrawal symptoms. The side-effects exposed are not common to everyone, because the effects depend on the level of addiction. The level of addiction depends on the length of time and amount of alcohol being consumed. The addicts continuously consume large quantities of alcohol to get good feelings. There are many side-effects of alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Addiction Side Effects

The addicts experience physical effects. The effects become severe when alcohol is taken in large quantities. They suffer from liver diseases, like cirrhosis. Their breath is unpleasant, a condition known as Halitosis. Consumption of excess alcohol causes menstrual irregularities in females and erectile dysfunction in males. Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is the inability of a male to develop and maintain erections. They develop negative attitudes toward food, due to malnutrition.

The chance of getting stomach, liver, or breast cancer is high. Addicts experience stomach ulcers. Due to incoherent speech, the addicts can pick a fight with anyone. The level of minerals and vitamins in the body is greatly reduced, resulting in deficiency. The addicts suffer from pancreatic pain and jaundice. They also experience massive gallstones. The addicts suffer tingling and numbness of toes or feet. Physical effects may be fatal if immediate medication is not provided.

There are various psychological effects of excess alcohol consumption. Addiction affects both mind and body. Addicts are always dirty and untidy. They wear dirty clothes and keep their hair uncombed. Continual consumption of alcohol results in hallucinations. This may lead to loss of memory. This makes the addicts have low learning ability, impaired judgment, and inability to think. Anxiety may set in. This may cause panic attacks. When the side effects are unbearable, the addict may start developing suicidal thoughts.

The addicts feel dizziness and cannot balance themselves. The addict’s looks change and he or she becomes unhealthy. The addicts neglect their responsibilities at work or school. Their performance greatly declines because they stay indoors, suffering from alcohol addiction side effects. They attend work or school rarely. The addict cuts relationships with friends or family who are against his or her habit. Addicts are harsh, hostile, and unfriendly. They are arrested for committing offenses. For instance, driving under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol addiction causes social effects. The addict may loss his or her job, in turn resulting in financial strains. The addict may also cause accidents, especially when driving under the influence of alcohol. He or she may cause public disorder. The addicts are not in a good position to cater for their families. This may lead to conflicts in the family or divorce. Quarrels in family may adversely affect the children.

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